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 We provide support and training for Trustees and governors to help them fulfil their role and function as effectively as possible. We can design and deliver bespoke packages for Governing Boards as requested and have four training packages which we already deliver. These are:

Induction for New Governors

Key outcomes:

  • To develop an understanding of the three core governance functions and how governors fulfil them

  • To develop an understanding of the legal framework, powers and duties of governance

  • To develop an understanding of school structures and systems and the wider education education

  • To understand how to gather and use evidence and challenge effectively

  • To gain an overview of inspections and the governor's role in monitoring school effectiveness

  • To consider ways to become a more effective governor over time


Being Ready for your Ofsted Inspection

Key outcomes:

  • To develop an understanding about different types of inspections and the relevant inspection framework

  • To understand how the inspection process works

  • To understand to role of governance within an inspection and what is expected of you

  • To learn about the questions that you may be asked and considering how you would answer them

  • Evaluating yourselves as a governing board and considering strengths and areas for development


Holding Leaders to Account

Key outcomes:

  • To understand what evidence is available in schools and what evidence you need as a governor

  • To understand how to gather evidence and challenge effectively  

  • To learn about the key questions that governors should be asking

  • To develop skills in asking questions about evidence

  • To learn to make effective use of key documents such ASP and IDSR

In a Meeting
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