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Reading, resources and websites

Please make use of these resources:

Here is our model to help you to reflect upon and review the ethos, vision, teaching and strategies in your school for those pupils, labelled as 'disadvantaged'  - click here




To listen to Bill's podcast on 'How Schools can Better Serve our Disadvantaged Learners', part of the Dr Jim Rogers CPD Portal Edcast  follow this link:   


DfE documents 2020/21


Latest guidance published 30th March 2021

Conditions of Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil premium statements on a school website


Education Endowment Foundation

EEF Pupil Premium Guide

EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit

EEF Early Years Toolkit.



Adverse Childhood Experiences-ACEs

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Context - NHS Scotland 2019 report

Tackling the attainment gap – NHS Scotland 2017

Animation on ACEs – NHS Scotland 2018

ACEs Online training funded by the Home Office



Parental Engagement

Engaging disadvantaged and vulnerable parents-a review of evidence and other resources – Early Intervention Foundation.

Engaging with Families - Education Scotland.

EEF Parental Engagement Guidance Report - click here to read

EEF Parental Engagement Summary of Recommendations - click here to read

The influence of parents, places and poverty on educational attitudes and aspirations (full report) - click here to read

The influence of parents, places and poverty on educational attitudes and aspirations (summary) - click here to read



Manor Court 48 – Manor Court Community Primary School

Service Pupil Premium

Service Pupil Premium - examples of best practice - click here to read

7 things you need to know about service pupil premium - click here to read


Narrowing the Attainment Gap by Daniel Sobell. ISBN 978-1-4729-4637-9

The ACEs Revolution by John R. Trayser. ISBN 978-1-5237-1019-5

Learning without labels by Marc Rowland. ISBN 978-1-911382-15-7

Closing the vocabulary gap by Alex Quigley. ISBN 978-1-138-08068-3

Bringing words to life by Isabel Beck et al. ISBN 978-1-4625-0816-7

Closing the reading gap by Alex Quigley. ISBN 978-0-367-27688-1

What works? By Lee Elliot Major and Steve Higgins. ISBN 978-1-4729-6563-9

Time to talk by Jean Gross. ISBN 978-0-415-63334-5
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