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Executive Headteacher and Headteacher Performance Management

We are both experienced Performance Management reviewers and offer a full package of support to trustees and governors to facilitate the PMR of Executive Headteachers and Headteachers.


We have developed a set of documents which support the whole process including:


  • guidance for trustees/governors


  • self-evaluation for the Executive Headteacher or Headteacher.


  • pre-review evaluation by trustees/governors


  • PMR review report


  • new objectives including performance criteria and suggestions of how trustees/governors can effectively monitor. There is also an opportunity for the Executive Headteacher/Headteacher to add in their strategic actions which helps trustees/governors to understand the detail underpinning the objectives.


We send out this documentation well in advance of the PMR meeting, facilitate the meeting and complete the write-up of the documentation.


Examples of the documentation are here:


  • Aide-memoire for governors 


  • Self-evaluation for Executive Headteachers/Headteachers


  • Evaluation by Trustees/Governors


  • Blank PMR and new objectives document

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