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Phonics and Early Reading Support

Sarah is the Leader of one of England’s 34 DfE English Hubs and as such can offer support for schools both in terms of signposting to your local English Hub and using her expertise to offer bespoke support to schools.

The role of English Hubs

In 2018 the Government appointed 34 schools from across the country as English Hubs. These schools were recognised for their excellence in teaching and learning, and are now charged with supporting schools in their local area to raise standards. 

The aim of all English Hubs is to support schools to achieve excellence in early literacy teaching through a focus on:

  • Developing early reading through systematic, synthetic phonics;

  • Developing early language and closing the word gap;

  • Promoting a love of reading.

English Hubs offer support to schools through showcases, conferences and workshops and are able to offer some schools additional support in the way of funding for training and decodable books, support with provision through an audit and DfE accredited Letters and Sounds training.

For more information, please visit: or contact Sarah directly at

Teacher & Student
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