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Supporting Schools during Covid-19

We understand that this is a difficult time for schools and we will always ensure that any visits to schools we might make will follow the latest DfE guidance and fully respect the school's individual risk assessments. 

If a school's Headteacher decides that they so not want visitors in the school, we are happy to support through telephone, Zoom and Teams. 

During the Covid period we have successfully led a wide range of training for school staff and governors.

Keeping ourselves and others safe

If we visit a school, it will be with the consent of the Headteacher. 

We will remain socially distanced from adults and children in the school wherever possible.

We will follow the Government's guidance and the school's individual guidance on PPE, wearing face coverings and the use of Lateral Flow tests.

We will frequently wash our hands and use hand sanitiser.

We will bring our own refreshments and utensils.

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