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The Wonder of Lego

Teachers, TAs, Nursery/ Pre-school staff and childminders are nervous about the 1st of June. Lots of people are panicking about how they will provide continuous provision, particularly in the EYFS, if everything that can’t be easily cleaned needs to be put away. It can be a scary thought to think that every loose part needs to be packed away! However, what we need to do instead is to rethink the use of some of the other fantastic resources we’ve got in our settings.

One of those (easily washable) resources is Lego and DUPLO! They both act as loose parts if used in an open-ended way. Try putting them out in pots/ bowls/ boxes and just see what your children can create. This is when you’ll see their imaginations at their best! Any construction that can be used in an open-ended way will promote creativity, perseverance, problem solving, mathematical language and learning through trial and error. Below are a few other ideas of ways in which you can use any (washable) construction resource. You can create specific challenges, (maybe related to stories), play barrier games (great if social distancing is needed as you can put a tall barrier between 2 children), play building games with dice, work on number bonds (as well as many other mathematical concepts), build shapes and patterns, and make marble name but a few!

If you have any other great ideas, please post them in the comments below. Let’s help each other by sharing all of our fantastic ideas!

🧱Happy building!🧱

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