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The Wonder of Shape

Shapes 🧩🔵🔷

So often, the teaching of ‘Number’ takes priority over ‘Shape, Space and Measure’. In some settings, ‘shape’ is taught by children learning to name a set of 2D and 3D shape names. There is so much more to shape! Here are some of the Development Matters statements related to shape -

30-50 months - Shows an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects. - Shows awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment. - Shows interest in shape by sustained construction activity or by talking about shapes or arrangements. - Shows interest in shapes in the environment. - Uses shapes appropriately for tasks. - Beginning to talk about the shapes of everyday objects, e.g. ‘round’ and ‘tall’. 40-60 months- Beginning to use mathematical names for ‘solid’ 3D shapes and ‘flat’ 2D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe shapes. - Selects a particular named shape. - Uses familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models. The most effective way for children to learn about shapes is through play. Our little wonderers need to explore shapes through sensory play, build with a variety of shapes and use shapes in other areas of learning (such as large shapes in their role play as props). If you’re currently homeschooling your little wonderer, try some of these fun ways to explore shapes together - - Go on a shape hunt inside and outside. Photograph what you can see. - Play ‘what am I?’ - “I have 3 corners and 3 sides, what am I?” - Whilst playing with construction, talk about the shapes you can see. - Make shapes using different materials in your house or outside. What shape could you make with a skipping rope? - Chalk different shapes outside on the ground together and jump on each one as you name them. - Build towers using different shapes. Which shape worked best and why? - Spot shapes in stories and books. - Encourage problem solving through puzzle play. - Make shape sandwiches or biscuits! Children love learning whilst baking...and eating! Remember, children learn best when they’re playing. Let them be little, let them play! #eyfs #eyfsideas #eyfsmaths #mathsiseverywhere #play #letthembelittle #shapes

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